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30-Day Transformational Energetic Upgrade

Commit to Your Journey

This immersive program is dedicated to fully stepping into your power.

Experience a complete energetic upgrade with this 30-day program dedicated to your whole-person (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) well-being.

This is truly an integrative approach. You will have the opportunity to experience all of the tools and techniques that enhance awareness, empowerment, and healing.

Key components are:

  • Full engagement for 30 consecutive days to support positive change

  • Self-exploration for deep understanding

  • Establishing a self-care practice

  • Personalized healing modalities

  • Accountability and commitment


We will begin this journey with a virtual session to connect, set intentions, and discover areas of focus. This includes a full chakra assessment and personalized Bach Flower therapy consult. With the results of this discussion, I will create your personal blend and you will receive your remedy and healing crystal in the mail to promote emotional and mental balance as we dive into the work.


We will continue with weekly virtual healing sessions as outlined below, as well as communication via email to support insight and accountability.


The details of this program includes:

Week 1

  • 60-minite Initial Connection Session

    • Chakra Assessment

    • Personalized Bach Flower Consult

Mailed to you:

  • Personalized Bach Flower Remedy

  • Healing Crystal

Week 2

  • 45-minute Guided Meditation for Self-Healing and Distance Reiki

    • Soul Retrieval

Week 3

  • 45-minute Energetic Alignment for Manifestation


Week 4

  • 45-minute Progress Pulse for Reflection and Sustainability


Sent weekly via email:

  • Personal Message from the Universe (your Team of Light)

  • Check-ins & Accountability Assignments

*Upon purchase, you will be able to book your first session. During our first meeting, we will determine the other meeting dates/times.

Please reach out if you have any questions.

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