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Distance Shamanic Ascension Journey

Restore your spirit.

  • 1 hour
  • 150 US dollars
  • Virtual

Service Description

Shamanic- Connecting to the healing power of nature Ascension- Elevating vibration Journey- Moving from one place to another The Shamanic Ascension Journey is a personalized, immersive, multi-modality healing session dedicated to igniting your light, raising your vibration, and aligning with your Soul Purpose. The primary elements of this powerful restorative session are energy and consciousness. Everything is energy, vibrating at a frequency that can be measured. This includes your body, your thoughts, and your emotions. Most importantly, you are an energetic sentient being with infinite potential, and at your core, your soul is perfect. However, life has a way of adding layers to cover that perfect soul, often hiding your authentic self; Your Best Self. These layers may show up in many ways such as insecurities, fear, rejection, self-sabotaging behaviors, pain, illnesses, or addiction, to name a few. The experiences we have cause us to formulate the limiting beliefs that ultimately begin to dictate our life. This belief system is rooted deeply into our subconscious, running on autopilot, taking us further and further from our truth. And when our life begins to get misaligned with our perfect soul, we become unhappy, restless, or sometimes unwell. Moreover, when we are in a low vibrational state, we attract low vibration individuals and situations into our electromagnetic field. The Shamanic Ascension Journey supports an awakening, leaving you empowered. Are you ready to step into your personal power and move forward on your unique path towards a higher consciousness? Elements include: • A sacred safe space for healing • Awareness and intention setting • Guided meditation and vision quest • Connection to Nature Spirits, and to your Higher Self and Team of Light • Divine messages • Soul retrieval • Cord cutting • Movement of stagnant energy with Shamanic tools (rattles, chimes, tuning fork, crystals, flowers, oils, etc.) • Reiki healing to restore 7 energy centers • Energetic signature upgrade • Violet Flame cleansing • Shield of protection • Reflection and experience debrief NOTE: This service is also available in person at Soderworld, located in Willowbrook, IL. Visit the services page if you prefer an in person session. Please contact me if you have any questions. Complementary Therapy is a natural, non-invasive modality to help bolster your own ability to heal and should not replace urgent or essential medical treatment.

Cancelation Policy

24 notice for cancellations is required.

Contact Details

Chicago, IL, USA

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