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Making Room for the New

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Nature has so much to teach us. The moon reminds us that life is all about cycles. The sun demonstrates the importance of rising again.

We tend to collect things over time, but often when things break, become worn or outgrown, they are replaced with something new. The act of letting go of the old is easy for some, and can be difficult for others. But purging is necessary- otherwise we literally would have no place for the new item. Sometimes, this practicality may be the ultimate reason why we are finally able to get rid of something- we were forced to make space.

Take a moment to think about this regarding our thoughts, intentions, beliefs, habits, patterns, words, and actions. Many times, we are attracted to a ‘new way’, only to fall short of experiencing a shift and truly embodying the change. But as with all our ‘things’ we cannot make room for the 'new' if we have not released the ‘old’.

With this in mind, take a Mindful Minute.

Take a deep breath in. Let it go. Release all tension. Feel your feet planted into the ground like tree roots- feeling grounded, centered and protected.

In your minds eye, imagine your body a vessel filled entirely with water. Let it reflect how you are feeling in this moment. Take time to let anything unsettling come up. Perhaps you sense tension, pain, or dense emotions. Like kicking up the sand on an ocean floor, allow these things to stir and begin to cloud the water. Any thoughts, beliefs or feelings that no longer serve you are making the water murkier now. Old habits, patterns or behaviors can reveal themselves without judgement, but feel a deep understanding of how these pollute your life. As an observer, watch the water turn to various shades of darkness as you allow yourself to breathe through this experience, feeling safe and protected.

Deep breath in. Let it go.

On your next exhale, imagine the murky water draining out of your feet, into the earth to be transmuted into something good. Focus on the water line as it drains….passing your eyes, nose, mouth...down your neck, shoulders and arms...emptying your chest, belly and hips...down your thighs, knees, calves and ankles. Finally emptying out of your feet, where Mother Gaia receives with love.

Take another cleansing breath to clear your vessel. Now imagine pouring into your crown, the most beautiful crystal clear, glowing, healing water, filling your being. Feel the coolness of the water. Feeling so invigorated as it fills you up- from your toes, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, hips, low back, belly, chest, extending through your arms, filling your chest, neck, head. Nourishing your entire being- every cell of your physical body, refreshing your mind and restoring your spirit.

Breathe it in.

Breathe into your heart. ‘I make room for new beginnings.’


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