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Learning to Dance Again

I am a firm believer of utilizing the arts as a modality for healing. When I regularly taught Ballroom/Latin dance, there was not a single class that at least one student would become flustered and apologetically express repeatedly that they ‘couldn’t dance’. I would immediately respond with the notion that every human being already knows how to dance. To demonstrate this, just turn on any upbeat music and simply watch the innate reaction of a baby. They sway, bob, shake, stomp, and move in any way that feels good to them. And they are always smiling. This is our nature.

Fast forward to our adult ego-driven self, and we have become self-conscious of moving our body. We may have even attached ourselves to the story that we ‘don’t like to dance’ because that makes us feel a little more in control of our decision to sit it out. We have become a prisoner of our belief system, and this is a small-scale example of how our fears impact our behaviors. When did we become so concerned of what we look like, or what others think? How on earth can the simple joy of moving to music be taken from us? Dancing is a form of self-expression, and everyone’s style is unique to them. What a beautiful world we would live in if we all felt free enough to move in our own way to the beat of our own drummer, without fear of judgement.

I can tell you the same story, different medium. Art is a wonderful creative outlet that can reduce stress, support the state of flow and promote healing. When working with adults, I hear the exact same limiting belief, ‘I am not an artist’. In contrast, while working with children, they never hesitate to take crayon to paper and unleash their limitless imagination. Additionally, they are proud to show off their masterpiece! When do we lose that power? Who takes that from us?

I pause to think about how this pattern shows up in my life. This is a familiar story. It is not about learning something; it’s about releasing the inhibitions to unlock what you already know.

Take a Mindful Minute to Discover Your Magic:

What part of me have I forgotten and need to reconnect with so that I can truly step into my power?

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