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What is a Holistic Integrative Approach and How Can It Serve Me?

Well-being begins and ends with self-love. I am grateful that life has taught me both the simplicity and complexity of that statement.

I often receive inquiries about which services are ‘best’ for a variety of different issues, ranging from physical ailments, anxiety, depression, to strengthening a spiritual connection. Many are drawn to Reiki, even if they do not have any experience with the modality, but often it is something that they have heard of, and are willing to try something new simply because they have struggled for far too long.

This is a very common theme, and in fact mirrors my own personal story from many years ago.

I always encourage anyone interested in my services to schedule a Free Clarity Call so that any questions can be answered, and together we can decide what path feels best.

Most importantly, I want my clients to feel empowered and know they have choices. Additionally, the combination of those choices is limitless. The key to healing is to personalize the experience, and most often this includes an integrative approach to support them in all stages of their journey.


Recently, a client came to me seeking a Reiki healing session to help alleviate her chronic headaches. However, it was evident she was suffering beyond this physical pain.

Through a soulful discussion, I learned that she was experiencing intense grief, constant racing thoughts, and had very low self-worth. I shared with her some of my ideas of how a multi-faceted approach could best serve her. Starting with Reiki did not seem ideal because if she holds a limiting belief of not being worthy of love and healing, she cannot truly be open to receive, thus not maximizing all the benefits this beautiful modality has to offer. The body responds to the vibration of our thoughts. Deep in her subconscious she believed she deserved to suffer.

Therefore, we began with a personalized Bach Flower Remedy to help restore emotional and mental balance. This allowed us to continue down the path of least resistance, supporting well-being. These amazing flowers naturally create positive shifts almost immediately, allowing behavior modifications to happen more easily.

Additionally, addressing the heavy emotions that were stuck in the body supported optimal health and healing. I love working with Holistic EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping) to empower my clients to process and release stored emotions. This is a lifelong tool that they can use at any time because of its versatility, assisting with self-regulation, stress reduction, and behavior change. She was very receptive to this technique which allowed her to let go of years’ worth of sadness, guilt, shame, and regret. This breakthrough alleviated her headaches and drastically improved her quality of life.

She felt much better and with significant improvements to her autonomic nervous system, we were ready to integrate a full Reiki session. Without the pain, mind chatter, anxiety, and debilitating limiting beliefs, we were able to ease into the parasympathetic state of rest and restoration, supporting the body’s natural ability to heal. She was open, accessible, and allowing more grace, self-compassion, and forgiveness.

Also, with personalized guided visualizations, we began a strong practice of reprogramming her subconscious, releasing the old stories of the ego, and creating new neuro-pathways to establish healthy responses.

Through Shamanic journeys she began fully stepping into her personal power, building a strong connection to her inner wisdom and her higher self, her best self. In this stage of her healing journey, her spiritual practice had organically grown into something quite beautiful, which truly unlocked a space for deep healing, beyond her wildest imagination. Through the process, she moved from her head space into her heart space, which played a crucial role in experiencing joy again and returning to her authentic self.

To witness her transformation was an absolute gift. But it doesn’t stop there.

Integration and embodiment ultimately leads to a full transformation. This is the natural process that unfolds when my clients do the work and continue to show up for themselves.

I am not the healer. I simply hold space for others to step fully into their power and utilize their ability to heal themselves.

My focus today is the same as it was thirty years ago, which is to empower and inspire my clients to live the life they deserve. I am available as a resource and as a guide, but ultimate success is when I am no longer needed. They gain knowledge, tools, and confidence along the way, and evolution is inevitable when clients become fully connected to their own light, and access their wisdom within. This is only possible when an individual knows their worth and acts accordingly.

The healing, behavior changes, and mindset shifts are a natural byproduct of self-care. The work will always continue outside of my sessions because they have both the techniques and desire to love themselves unconditionally.

Interested in discovering your own unique path to living your best life?

Let’s chat! Book a FREE Clarity Call today.

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