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5 Simple Practices for a High Vibe Morning

Basic human behavior demonstrates that we find comfort in repetition, or what we know. Even if something is not serving us, we return to it because it is predictable. We fall into routines or habits- both good and bad.

Creating a high vibe morning is as simple as implementing a sequence of actions that positively impacts our physiology and mood. The best part about creating a daily routine is the personalization process by discovering what works best for you. Forming a practice that you enjoy will undoubtedly set you up to be your best self and protect your energy throughout your day.

The choices to raise your vibration are truly endless, but here are my top 5 favorites which have become a habit, no different than brushing my teeth. Best part? It is both short and impactful.

1. Breathe in Gratitude: Before I put my feet on the floor in the morning, I take three deep belly breaths and say: “Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.” I like to focus on the sunrise, the birds singing, and another opportunity to live my purpose; but any expression of gratefulness will immediately raise your vibration.

2. Blessed Lemon Water: Next, I hydrate my body with a tall glass of lemon water. I infuse it with Reiki, but any blessing or appreciation will up-level this powerful self-care habit. I like to recite: “I bless this water with Love and Light. Thank You.” Water is life, and the studies of Masaru Emoto inspired me to create this practice. Every opportunity I have I will bless and thank my water, including taking a shower or bath, where I intentionally cleanse and clear my energy.

3. Mirror Talk: After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I will look at myself in the mirror, smile, and say aloud: “I love you Cristen. I am so very proud of you.” The brilliant work of Louise Hay taught me this empowering practice of self-love, and I incorporate into my day in many ways.

4. Message from the Universe: I have a large collection of oracle cards that I like to use in various ways. They range from one word, affirmations, and sets with guidebooks. I select one intuitively, close my eyes to connect, and shuffle the deck. I will ask: “Angels, Guides, and my entire Spirit Team, what is the message I need to hear the most, in this moment, for my greatest good?” Then I select a card, read my message, and reflect upon it. I conclude with expressing gratitude for my message.

5. Mindful Stillness: I practice meditation in many different ways. Often, I feel that the interpretation of this powerful practice is limited or intimidating to some, therefore I think it is helpful to demystify it. In my morning routine it is simply ‘mindful stillness’. What does that look like? I make my coffee and sit in my favorite chair. I am not making lists, checking my phone, or planning my day. I am sitting; quietly, relishing the warmth, smell, and taste of my coffee. I am aware of how I am feeling. I am enjoying the comfort of the moment. There is no measure of time. My day will begin when I finish that cup. And I will feel more than ready.

What does your high vibe morning routine look like?

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