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Powerful Self-Love Practice

We manifest and create a life we believe we deserve. Our perception of life, of our circumstances, and of ourselves, create our reality. There are times where certain situations can become bigger than us and sometimes, we really cannot control what life brings our way. However, what we do have control over is how we respond and react to these different situations.

Our reactions can stem from two of life’s greatest forces: Love or Fear. And we always have a choice to focus our energy on either one of these forces. We decide which voice to listen to… to choose love over fear; forgiveness over anger. We have the ability to create a path of light in our life to walk towards. The choice is yours, even if the situation is not. This simple choice-point dictates our vibrational frequency, resulting in the universe matching it. This is manifestation.

We are all deserving of love, joy, and abundance. So how do we manifest this? Understanding energy, and that 'like attracts like', it is undeniable that the frequency of love begins with self-love.

There are a vast variety of exercises to raise your vibration. The best ones are the ones you will practice and integrate into your day. The key is to connect at a heart level so that you can have an experience. These are merely concepts if simply left for the mind. One of my favorite ways to promote self-love is mirrorwork, a technique I have adopted after reading the books of Louise Hay.

Take a Mindful Minute:

Mirrorwork is extremely powerful. Look into your eyes and breathe in deeply and let yourself connect with your own heart. Feel the love from within. Let it radiate through your entire body. Connect with your reflection.

Say aloud ‘I create my own reality. I choose love. I am love.’ This may feel silly at first- no worries- a smile or laughter will also raise your vibration! Take another breath, say it again, eyes fixed on yours. With each beat of your heart, feel yourself vibrating with this energy of love. Never forget, you hold the control. Never forget to lead with love. Love yourself first so that you can expand it to others.

Before you know it, you will realize that every chance you get, you can say something loving to yourself in the mirror. Take note of how wonderful that feels.

If you are interested in additional ways to raise your vibration, check out this quick read:

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