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Navigating Change

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Change is the only constant. Cognitively, we know this, yet often we find ourselves feeling resistance to change. Certainly, a routine is familiar and brings a sense of safety and security, however repetition can also contribute to becoming stagnant and stunting creativity. Ultimately, this brings us out of alignment with our authentic self and prohibits us from experiencing our true potential.

We are meant to evolve and if we do not get out of our own way, we stay small, and this creates dissonance within our soul. If we lack the self-awareness, this is often overlooked (as we distract, busy ourselves, or construct our limiting ego-driven stories), and feelings such as regret, resentment, unhappiness, and guilt begin to impact our lives in a variety of ways, whether we realize it or not.

These last two years have demonstrated two distinct mindsets, thus different narratives. Upon reflection, what has been your inner dialogue?

Are you waiting for things to return to normal? Do you look forward to getting back into your old routine so that you can feel like your old self?

Or are you feeling a sense of freedom and curiosity? Have you found yourself looking for new ways to do learn, connect, and work?

Acknowledge and do not judge your response.

Literally, Mother Earth is evolving, and we are embarking on a new era at an accelerated rate.

So, with this choice point we can choose to get comfortable with the unknown. Not just comfortable, but excited. Is it that simple? Yes. Is it easy? Not always. But start with a willingness to be open, and allowing the unknown to carry a different weight. We have the capacity to assign meaning to change, and anything else in our life, for that matter.

Consider that it is time to release your old life so that you can step into one that doesn’t limit you.

Let go of ‘I want to go back to…’

Release ‘I am waiting for the old to come back, then I can breathe.’

Instead of hoping to return to where you were, maybe you are supposed to explore, grow, evolve, and heal?

Ask yourself: ‘What does this mean? Is there something else out there for me?’

Be open to it; allow change to be a good thing; something to look forward to. Maybe the box that we thought everything fit so neatly inside is being broken open so we can figure out a new way. A better way. Think outside the box.

We are all having our own unique experience as we find our way, and the heavier the experience, the bigger the sign that there is a need for change. The universe is literally squeezing you out of your comfort zone so that you can step into something else that serves your greatest good. So, what is your next step?

Take a breath. Undoubtedly stress is real. This is precisely why it is imperative to look at your perception. Is it fear-based? When we are in a low vibration emotional state such as worry or anxiety, we only see problems, not solutions. And through a lens of fear, we cannot see the truth, we give away our power, and we miss opportunities.

Life is not always harmonious. I invite you to set the intention to ebb and flow with the inevitable cycle of rupture and repair. Be open to possibilities and step out of your comfort zone- the place where true growth happens. Step into your power, reclaiming your ability to control your reaction to the discomfort. Embrace your breakthrough moments. Adapt to a new dynamic, find your new rhythm.

Literally, BE the change and see the beauty in it. The future is yours, and it is bright.

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